Tips When Booking An Appointment.

  1. Make sure we are in your area that day, do not book a day that we are in another town.
  2. Two appointment times and days may change
  3. Your appointment will be confirmed by the groomer within 24 hours of booking.
  4. Make sure to be honest about dogs breed, weight, and hair length.

Rules With Mobile Grooming.

  • You must confirm your appointment by 7 AM the day of or your appointment will be canceled. We do send out reminder text the day before.
  • For your first appointment you must be home to give and receive your pup. After your first appointment we can do a lock & key visit if notified.
  • We only wait 10 minutes at your house, but we text, knock, and may call you when we arrive. If no one replies, open the door, etc. it will be a no show first offense is a warning, second is $25, and third is a 50% deposit before booking.
  • If you leave and we are done grooming we will wait up to ten minutes for you to receive your dog. After ten minutes we will change a sitting fee of $10 for every 10 minutes.
  • All invoice have to be paid with in 48 hours after billing. after 48 hours their will be a fee added on for late payment.
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