Frequently Asked Questions:
For Pet Services

Do you need to have shot records?

Yes, you must have a copy of shot records. You can send me just a photo of them.

Do we provide services to large breeds?

Yes, we do not discriminate towards breeds.

What if my dog bites, has anxiety, or has never been groomed?

Dapper dog mobile grooming tries our best to provide services to all dogs. If your dog is scared or shows anxiety we try to just take out time. We will call the groom if the dogs shows severe signs. Our goal with any dog is to make sure they love us and grooming. With older, nervous, puppies, or biters it may take a few times to get them to this point and to get them to the perfect groom.

How does mobile grooming work?

We come to your house and groom out of our mobile grooming unit. We do not groom in your house at all.

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Thank you for all the changes you have made, but The Dapper Dog is not coming up when googled. It only comes up if you type in Happy tails. Though it shows the name change it is still not popping up.